Ahhhh COMICS! 9/19

There is too much coming out to post it all. As you might know, Wednesday is comic day. It is when the awesome happens, when my addiction gets fed and my wallet gets lighter.
Wherever you might get your comics, here are some you might wanna look out for or better the ones that I am getting, because i am selfish like that!


Gilbert Hernandez my friends. He is old and he has been in the business for ages. And he rocks. He draws amazing things and they might be as bloody and booby as anything but they are awesome. Yes this is the conclusion. Who cares? Get the other ones as well while you are at it!

Want more and the Pick of the Week? Hit the jump!

BATWOMAN #0 ($2,99)

Honestly? I am not sure anymore. It started out freaking fantastic. Those first few issues grabbed my heart really damn hard. And then, well, then the story got cut up into many, many confusing things, Amy Reeder left the series, Mr. Blackman doesn’t have his own style and Williams III doesn’t draw enough issues. And now Wonder Woman. Well this one is supposed to get into her origin story. It is a #0 when there already was a #0 sometime like two years ago.

BIRDS OF PREY #0 ($2,99)

This series was freaking awesome in the very beginning. The art was gorgeous, it made the Birds badass and pretty and not badass and not “OH MY GOD FAPFAPFAP”. Then Travel Foreman drew the series, he is a great artist no doubt, his Animal Man looked awesomely creepy, but he didn’t fit the book in my opinion.
Aside from the art I never had the feeling of a story line really ending for real. Nothing was ever really finished. Everything is always started and never finished. But it is the Birds and I have a crush on Sterling, so take that!

WONDER WOMAN #0 ($2,99)

Chiang and Azzarello have been doing great work. Simple as that. No confusions, some twists and a badass heroine. Nothing to add from my side. This is solid comics!


I have never read a Godzilla comic before this one. The only Godzilla movie I have seen is that one with Jean Reno. But this comic, this comic is THE SHIT. Honestly, if you buy only one comic this week make it two and pick up the first of the series as well. The magic words are James Stokoe. The dude is a genius. He draws the slickest things and I tell you, it is crazy beautiful. In its own way. FREAKING PICK OF THE WEEK!


There was a raise in the price here. Do I care? Nope, this series has been solid from the start. Weirdly there isn’t much to say about it. Look at it, if you like it then do consider picking it up. If not, well then you probably won’t. I do encourage you to give the Little Depressed Boy a try. You can check out the webcomic it started with right here:

DAREDEVIL #18 ($2,99)

When the artist makes a lot of the comic awesome it hurts to see him or her go. Daredevil has racked in a bunch of awards and deservedly so. It is a damn awesome comic. I just wish Riviera and Martin were still going at it. Aside from that, well it is Daredevil, if you care for the dude you’ll be reading this anyways so who am I preaching to?

So those are the comics I will be getting this week. What is on your list? Check a full list over at previewsworld.com and let us know!

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One Response to Ahhhh COMICS! 9/19

  1. wwayne says:

    Did you notice that the most talented writers tend to work with pencillers with a very essential style? Waid works with Rivera, Brubaker works with Lark, Fraction works with Aja, Lemire works with Foreman and Pugh…
    I enjoy any artistic style (the “100 % muscles” one of Ed McGuinness, the manga-like one of Humberto Ramos, the pop-art-like one of Mike Allred, and so on), but at the end of the day, the more the art is simple, the more I can focus on the story, so I like the tendency I described before.

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