Faster Than Light

A little astroid that landed on earth just a little while ago turned out to be a container. It held a logbook, it appears to be written by the captain of a starship called Ayako. This is an excerpt of the tales the captain tells:

The Ayako is a proud ship. She has seen much in her days. She has been without fuel more than once, but even under the most devastating circumstances she continues to fight all forces that stand between us and the salvation of the Foundation. We carry vital information that should be able to save the Empire from certain destruction. Those rebels are nothing but scum, but they know what we have on board and they are on our heels.

We are far away from salvation. There is a whole universe to traverse and fuel is limited. Without the “Faster Than Light” jump we would be lost. Luckily there are enough merchants around, so we sell scrap we loot from abandoned outposts and shattered enemies for rockets and fuel. Or we hire comrades for the fight and upgrade the fine lady. We all need our Ayako to be in her best shape possible.

We probably won’t get out of this unharmed. We will lose crew members as pirate boarding parties destroy out shield generators and the proud crew tries to hold them off. Greatest satisfaction arises from opening the shutters and seeing the enemy suffocate. After that we better close those hulls off though. Oxygen is vital after all.

Thus we send our rockets to destroy enemy shield generators and their weapons. After that the oxygen tanks are targeted and victory will be our soon enough. As long as there are enough rockets to pierce through the enemies’ shield.

Much has happened in the last days. And the quest could not yet be completed. But the proud members of the Foundation will continue in their struggle to defeat the rebels and destroy them once and for all.

If you want to support our efforts to save the Foundation, you can enlist or at the independent venue of your choice (gog/steam). Everyone is welcome, Macs and the people of Linux will not be send away. It wont cost you much. Right now we take a 9€ fee. After September 21st this fee will be 10€. We highly encourage you to try out this brilliant adventure.

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