Never before was art so… thrilling 🙂

On september 3rd THE SPIRAL, a tv-show, started in 8 european countries at the same time. One question immediately comes to mind. Why? Well… THE SPIRAL is more than just a tv-show. This project can easily be considered the godzilla of european tv co-production.

The Plot:

An old but still pretty cool performance and street artist, who has been pulling pranks on other artists, companies and even governments, has decided to dare something amazing. He and his international crew of artist plan to steal 6 very famous panitngs from 6 different museums in 6 different countries at the same time. And no… they’re not going to sell those paintings. They’re gonna send them on a scavenger hunt all over europe. And everyone can be part of it, because there is a website that allowes everyone to track the position of the paintings, which have been send away using the mail system.

The story is pretty cool and the hole internet thing is kinda clever and modern…ish. But to be honest the most important thing are often the actors. Whom, allthough unknown, do their job very well. THE SPIRAL is very enjoyable and a great multi media experiment.

Now I wouldn’t tell you all of that unless you would be able to watch all the episodes LEGAL AND FOR FREE. Now the website maybe in german, but the episodes are in english. So if you’re not completely stupid you’ll be able to figure out how to watch the show in english.


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