I just stumbled upon a kickstarter project. It‘s called the Ostrich Pillow an enables you to sleep in the office or in public. You know… at the airport or the train. Because that is totally what you should do in public. Put your haed in a weird looking sack and nap for a while. Leave all your luggage unattended and just nap. Because according to to the designer of this product, having a nap inreases your productivity by 34%. Isn‘t that amazing? I wonder how much your productivity gets increased by a good night sleep and a cup of coffee in the morning.

Okay, maybe I‘m a little unfair. Maybe some people really feel the need to sleep in public. I just don‘t. And if I would…I‘d never put a sack like that over my head. Completly disconnecting from the rest of the world. Seriosly… there is a reason you don‘t sleep well in public. IT IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO BE SLEEPING !!! You could miss your flight, station or even get robbed. Things like that HAPPEN EVERY DAY.

But maybe you‘re not as deep a sleeper as I am. I didn‘t notice when my landlord did rebuilding on the house with a jackhammer. Because I was sleeping. I couldn‘t use the ostrich pillow because I would fall asleep for hours. And I tend to sleep with my mouth open and sometimes talk in my sleep. Imagine I would do that wearing that alien mask ostrich pillow at the airport. I would propaply wake up in an arrest cell. I‘m just saying…. your very vulnerable while you‘re asleep. And it‘s not a smart thing to put your head IN A SACK. A propaply very expensive sack. If you really want to buy an Ostrich Pillow… try THIS one. It‘s way cooler.

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