Music Monday – “You Bred Raptors?”

Where we recommend music we really like that you should check out because you might not have heard of it before!

How did I find them? Good question! But come on, a band that is called “You Bred Raptors ?” can hardly be overlooked. Really. And when those guys play a very funky mix of instrumental music, my ears and eyes are wide open.

Three guys with masks. Drums a cello and a bass guitar with eight strings. Add a loop machine and some bells and whistles and you hold a very entertaining and quite interesting combination in your hands.

The cello can be melancholic at times until the funky bass brings back the fun and quirkiness not many bass players bring out of their instruments. I am not one for pretentious talking about melodies and such things. I can tell you that this is a band that makes really entertaining music. And that should be enough for you to give them a listen.

Their first ep is called “Lex & Tim EP” and is free on bandcamp. They have two full albums out that will cost you something, but who doesn’t want to support awesome bands right?

They are also collecting money to support the survival of the Dinosaur race which is a very worthy cause that you should pay attention too. Who cares about whales when Dinosaurs are at stake? Dinosaurs are waaaay cooler so there is your answer. Buy a record and be cool. Then you can sit in your fathers wooden chair like I do right now and jam out to a song called “Himalaya” and when people see you they might ask you something strange like “You Bred Raptors?”

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