You read this (article) here, right? What you have not? Hurry up and I wont tell on you!
I’ll wait alright? I’ll wait until you have given at least $6 to the Humble Indie Bundle 6. If you did that then this is relevant to you.
Because magically six games just became TEN games.

They just added Bit.Trip.Runner, Jamestown, Gratuitous Space Battles and Wizorb to the line-up.

Need more reasons to buy this? Hit the jump!

Let me tell you something in all honesty here. I mean seriously. If you still need a reason to give some money to this more than worthy cause then I present it to you: It is called Jamestown.

This game looks stunning, it plays like sweet buttery cake and it is remorseless. It will kill you. It is a shmup after all and it is a good one. Bullet Hell at its pixelated finest. AND IT IS ON MARS.
I am giving you a second to think about this. It should be clear after that trailer, but, yes, this game is set on Mars. The Viktorians were there first. Mark my words!
Did I mention the soundtrack? The Soundtrack is included in the deal by the way. It is glorious and epic.

Of course the other games are fantastic as well. I just picked out Jamestown, because it is the one I spend the most time with. Oh, before I forget, it has local multiplayer. So you can play with friends and die together with them!

So where was I?

Get this. Get this now as long as it is still open and the more people get it the higher are the chances of them adding even more games to the pile. Just you know, check it out. I promise you, you wont regret it! Always remember:

HumbleBundle.com/ is where it is at!

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