Ahhh Comics – 09/26

There is too much coming out to post it all. As you might know, Wednesday is comic day. It is when the awesome happens, when my addiction gets fed and my wallet gets lighter. Wherever you might get your comics, here are some you might wanna look out for or better the ones that I am getting, because i am selfish like that!

This is a light week for me. BUT, awesome nonetheless!

All Star Western #0 ($3,99)

Aye mate, the origin of Jonah Hex? That might just be fun. I don’t care about the #0’s. They are a bit of a waste in my opinion. I mean the stories started out with the people meeting right? So what is there to explain? And the covers aren’t that pretty either. Alas, Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham are a dream team and I’ll gladly tag along with them.


Prophet #29 ($2,99)

Comic of the week right here right now. Prophet is an awesome sci-fi, space Conan, adventure that you have never ever seen before. It is beautifully illustrated (always), even though the artists are switching every few issues. Graham writes masterfully and Simon Roy, his partner in crime, accompanies him greatly. I should stop sucking up to them right now and tell you, that if you buy only one comic this week, GET PROPHET!

Now, if you haven’t read any of it before, the first trade will cost you 10€/$9,99. So don’t complain and get on that. If you like space you won’t be disappointed!

X-Men #36 ($3,99)

Brian Wood ladies and Gentleman, I admit that he is the reason I am reading and buying my first X-Men title. Honestly. The dude is really good at what he does and while I don’t understand why there have to be two of these every month I won’t complain too much. I mean if there was only one each month then Lopez could draw the lot of them and I would have pretty mutants every month.
So in the end the writing is rock solid and the art is awesome 50% of the time. That is more than a lot of other titles have to offer!

Here is the full cover for Prophet #29, it is freaking gorgeous!

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