Music Monday – Everyone Everywhere

Some bands have a certain atmosphere to them. Some bands are really loud and excited and all out there and some are just really relaxed and laid back. Some are both. Everyone Everywhere is certainly loud. But also mellow and quiet in some way. Have some music, some video and an interview after the jump!

Here are some really chill and awesome people for you. The four guys, Brandon, Brandon,Tommy and Matt are simply really cool dudes. And they make really cool music.
Here is an Interview I did with them a while back. I hope that gives you a good impression of the guys. There is also some music in there and well, check them out. They are sweet.

god that picture is old… that is not the band though…

They also offer most of their music up for free. Their most recent album will cost you at least one Dollar. And dear ladies and gentlemen, this is worth at least ten times as much. Really. Check them out and decide for yourself, but if you do like this kind of music and those guys as well, give them some well deserved money and check out their blog!

Here is their latest album accompanied by a very inspiring and moving short film:

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