Illustration is one of my all time favourite art forms. It is often used to help you, as the reader of a book or a magazine article, visualize topics. Also it is very often used in advertisement. I’m gonna introduce to you some Illustrators who really impress me.

His work and style are one of a kind. It’s simply amazing to look at his portfolio at James White is a truely inspiring person. His posters are amamzing and most of his motives would also look amazing on t-shirts.

james white


Frederik Jurk has the amazing ability to mix cuteness with badass-ness. His Artwork kinda reminds of of childrens books but the people and creatures in it are werewolfs or have tattoos. But in a cute way. Check him out.

frederik jurk


Jules Wenzel is a very special case. Not only is she a great Illustrator. She is also sewing her artwork. Yes, you did just read that šŸ˜€ Sewed Illustration. It’s a thing. And it looks pretty darn cool. Chck her out.

jules wenzel


Ok, so technically this is not a single artist but a company. But their projects are still very cool and impressive. I stumbled upon them when I saw the new posters for the reaggee band SEEED on the streets, which I think are brilliant. Check these guys out. THEY ROCK


If you know any other cool artists or companiesl, let me know. Post a comment or something like that.

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