MM: The Many Pieces of a Pie

Random blog posts, that’s the best way to find music. On blogs found by accident, while looking for something completely else. And then one link here and one link there and suddenly there is a bandcamp page. A pay what you want or a free download and suddenly there are new worlds to discover. There is no end. There is something like Lumber Lung, a hard-core band that is actually understandable and accessible. They got some gut wrenching lyrics in there. Some really touching stuff, really. Both #3 and Receiver are powerful songs. One about not having someone to hold onto and one about a man who can’t keep his hands to himself.

There is more great music after the jump!

There are soft things to discover as well. Something like Minor Constellations will maybe move you in a very different way. Smart lyrics and a generally sad vibe are to expected here. Beautiful music in its own, self-recorded right. The last line of this one is important. You could say it is standard music for the person that just fell hopelessly in love or something like that. I would say it is just really good music.

And then there is music you can’t even buy. Well, yes you can but are you able to read moonspeak? Well I am not. And well, I am making excuses. I love ラララ nonetheless. That translates roughly to LaLaLa if you were wondering. They make some badass post-rock infused music. One EP and a short LP (aren’t those the same?) are out and I could only get my hands on the EP. I love the EP. It is short, yes, but so very diverse and rich in different styles, it blew me away. I am kinda singing along by now! Weirdly enough though they have a DVD out as well. It is strange to me how some bands release a DVD before they even have a full album. ALSO THAT BASS LADY IS SLAPPING HER BASS!


So where do I end this? Let’s wrap it up with some Spirit Night. Essentially I guess Spirit Night is one dude called Dylan Balliet. Maybe it is a full band by now, all I know is that he/they make(s) some kick-ass music. It is very “lo-fi” and from Brookly. It is good music, good lyrics and something that you could potentially dance to if you felt like it. In the bathroom for example. I do that. I do that every night. Deal with it!

Because I am too busy reading Kerouac to drive my car cross country. Probs to you if you get that.

All this music, except for ラララ, can be legally downloaded for free off of the respective bands bandcamp. Check them out and give some money if you can. Keep this alive.

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