Ahhhh Comics! 10/10

What I’d call a medium week, in size. In quality this is a pretty good week. Very Wood heavy with both Massive and Conan being written by the man. Here be comics!

Conan the Barbarian #9 ($3,99)
Of course I wish Cloonan would draw all of those. But as it is I’ll gladly take any of the other high profile artists who make pictures to Woods words. James Harren was one of them, but I don’t think he is doing them right now. Conan is a lot of fun and I am excited about the current story line. So, by Chrom, GIMME THAT!

More and the COMIC OF THE WEEK! after the jump!

The Massive #5 ($3,99)
I don’t know what to think. This is not a thrilling ride. Neither is it boring. It is just very factual and kind of dry. But not dry in a bad way. I like it and I like the characters as we get to know them better. I am looking forward to it, no doubt, after all Brian Wood is writing. He does a good job, mostly. He could be writing too much right now. It is a mystery.

Stumptown v2 #2 ($3,99)
Dex Parios is the most badass detective of the lot. That lady, I am scared of her, I would not for any money in the world screw with her. I would try to be on my best behavior and be friends with her. Nothing more, nothing less. She’d have my back in any situation and that would be enough for me. And while reading a preview all I though was: “Don’t tell her to stay away, don’t ever do that!” So this is definitely the COMIC OF THE WEEK! And I assure you that you will enjoy it, even if you haven’t read the first series, which was stellar as well!

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3 Responses to Ahhhh Comics! 10/10

  1. wwayne says:

    I do suggest you to read Team 7 (issue # 1 was released exactly on 10/10): it’s awesome.

    • lelefuchur says:

      That is Justin Jordan (?) on writing right? Will do!
      Rivera isn’t on DD anymore though, which is a shame. Those Aja brothers rock although I have only read Daytripper.
      Well Batwoman doesn’t have simple art and the story was great in the first five issues!
      (thanks for commeting for the first time on this blog ^^)

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