Hey there, did you ever worry about dying while being home alone? No? Well… you should. Let‘s say you are alone at home for a week. Because… you have a week of work, any one you know has left town and you‘re not the social type, so you won‘t leave the house. Who would notice if you died? NO ONE WOULD.
Wow… what a creepy thought that is… let‘s dive into it shall we 🙂

Oh… what can happen to me… being home alone is the most save thing ever!

Well… okay… but what about heartattacks?

Heartattacks… pff… that‘s for old people!

Except it‘s not. More and more people under the age of 35, espacially women, get heartattacks. Just imagine. You‘re sitting alone at your desk. Writing some blogtype stuff. When suddenly your left arm starts hurting. You think it‘s a cramp and try to message your arm. But just as you try to move the other arm… you feel a stabbing paine in your chest. You fall of your chair, crumble on the ground. Screaming for help. Trying to breathe, like fish out of water. You try to reach the phone, call help, call the doctor… but it‘s to late… death is allready creeping up behind you to collect your soul with his old and cold hands.

Yeah… that‘s a nice story. But you see, I don‘t smoke, don‘t drink coffee or alcohol and eat very healthy. Also… I‘m kind of a slacker… so there is no stress in my life!

What about parasites? You know parasites? Nasty little creatures. Very often you get them from a vacation in the tropics. But since you never leave the house, you should be save from flesh eating butterflies growing in your stomach and swampworms mating and breeding in your brain. Becoming more and more until your pretty little head explodes in big puff of evil wormbabies.

Gross dude… how am I supposed to get ikky stuff like that?

Well… maybe the dude who made the pizza you just ordered went to a tropic country last week and sneazed some evil micro brain eating maggots on food. Maybe he caught ebola… which ttechnically is not a parasite but still nasty.

The chances of that happening are so low…

While we are talking about unrealistic stuff… ever heard about spontaneous combustion? Imagine you are sitting on you couch, watching TV, when suddenly you start feeling warm. Which is strange, because you‘re never warm. You take of your hoody but it doesnt help… weird isn‘t it. Was that a spark that just came out of your hand? And what is that? A flame? It looks so beautiful. To bad it also hurts like hell. after two minutes your whole body looks like a giant fried chicken. And death is dancing because he‘s so happy about this little barbecue you prepared for him.

Stuff like that never happens!

It could…

What are the chances of that, you creep?

Oh, you want to hear about stuff that‘s more likely to happen? Allright then. My pleasure 🙂
You could choke on your favourite food. You could trip in the shower and brake your neck. You could accidently poison yourself or a sattelite could crush down on your house while your sleeping… uuuuh… ever thought about what could happen to you while your asleep when you are home alone? Ever heard about serial killers, who creep into apartments at day, hide there and when your sleeping burst out to murder you in the most horrible way ever.


Maybe he‘ll rape you to death !



What‘s wrong with you…we‘re in this together until mom and dad are back. Do you enjoy scaring yourself?

Have you ever thought about scaring yourself to death? Do you think that’s possible? Like being so scared you actually die. Maybe while blogging about scary ways to die while you’re home alone?!

ENOUGH… let‘s watch adventure time instead of thinking…


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