Trouble in Paradise

Ohhh doubt is a mean motherfucker. Really. I was actually gonna go to bed. And then I though of this (do read that, please) and I thought to myself: “What am I gonna do with my comics? I have two short boxes full of comics now. What am I gonna do with them?”

And then doubt settles in. Thoughts are wandering in. Maybe I should only get trades. But what am I gonna look forward to then? Wednesday is gonna be much less fun and I am not gonna be at the comic store as often. So that is, although it is quite reasonable, not an option. And as I am writing this, as I get distracted and laugh about this and get reminded of this this awesome kick-ass lady talking about sexism and my thoughts go back to my dilemma.

A solution appears. I am not gonna buy another shortbox. I will fill those up till they are almost busting and then I’ll sort out comics. I do own comics that I didn’t like. I don’t think I have ever really regretted buying a comic. I have not enjoyed some, but real regret? Not really, maybe that Daniel Clowes comic that that really adorable and nice woman sold me. I never finished it. But me buying it obviously made her happy so there you go. At least I want to believe that.

No more shortboxes I said. But I am still gonna buy comics. I don’t think I am mature enough, yet, to stop with that. I just enjoy it too much. And my tastes haven’t developed enough to make a difference between comics I really like and comics that I don’t really care for. Right now I will say that all the comics I buy are awesome. Well some of them. The Birds of Prey might just be a guilty pleasure. Anyhow, where do those comics go that are left over? I mean single issues, there will be a ton of them and at some point the boxes will be full.

Maybe I’ll give them to my cousin. He is just getting into comics, well mostly manga, but I don’t want to corrupt him with the current Catwoman run. That would be mean. Instead I am gonna keep the ones that I really loved. Like the Luther Strode issues. Even though I have the trade. And DMZ, of which I have no trades at all. And I realize that I still haven’t answered my own questions, I guess I am running away from it.
I do have an answer though.

Off to the comis library with you. But, who gets single issues from the library? I guess I’ll have to ask if they’ll even take them. But damn, I think that will feel good. Making someone else happy. I hope. I couldn’t get any money out o single issues that don’t represent a whole series. And I don’t want to throw them away. So to the library they go, if they’ll take them…

What is actually important here? It is that I for one, might be buying too many comics. I realize that. But there is so much exciting stuff out there. And I fall into the “support-one-dude/gal-who-also-puts-out-a-lot” trap, very often. Brian Wood for example, I think there is one comics released that is written by him that I am not getting (Ultimate X-Men). And I am starting to doubt “The Massive”. Mostly because someone else, who I have nothing to do with, wrote something about it that laid the seed of doubt in my head. And then it wont leave me. Either it is gonna grow into me not getting “The Massive” anymore or that comic will become so good that I’ll take a dump on the flower of doubt and it will die of a loss of air.

Image at the top from Brandon Grahams King City, the middle one is advertisement for “The Legend of Luther Strode” and the screencap is from Tonari No Kaibatsu-Kun

And now I feel really fucking bad for being spoiled. I’ll get better.

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