Awwww, yeah! Anime – The Second Week

And thus ends the second week. I let go of Btoom and the Little Busters and gained Sukitte Li Na Yo and Robotics;Notes. Both were no disappointment by any means. I liked them quite a lot. Here are some thoughts on the shows I watched this week!

Tonari No Kaibatsu-Kun #2

All the warm and fuzzy feelings all over my everything. I feel so happy right now. This is seriously uplifting. Hilarious at times and so damn adorable all the time. This should be it. This should be all the reason for you to watch those two episodes that are out and to not miss another episode until the series is done. And then watch it again and tell everyone about it. Seriously. I am glad I started watching this!

Shinsekai Yori #2

Well, last week I called Shinsekai Yori eerie. I still think of it that way. It has a very subtle atmosphere. A feeling of immediate danger and of bad things to come. I haven’t felt that way in a while. A certain kind of suspense that wont end with a jump scare, but will slowly be revealed over time. And then it will kick you in the stomach really hard. This one is starting to be revealed in this episode. First there are one hundred followers sacrificed because they were the first to stop clapping. Think about that! There is no way out there. And then kids who break the rules or appear to be lacking skill just disappear. It wont be long until one out of the group gets hit. And because we are getting to know them better it will hurt when it happens. I already have a suspicion and the previews revealed as much, but I still fear it.
This is good. Seriously, it might be boring to some as it takes its sweet time, but if it isn’t boring to you then I believe you’ll be rewarded. I hope I’ll be able to watch this show through the end without long catch-up sessions. Because I really dig this eerie and somewhat creepy feeling.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! #2

Not as big a punch as the last one, but still really, really entertaining. A very cute and endearing show. It is also quite a relatable show. All involved are badasses in their own way and I kinda wish that Rikka will save the universe in the end using some eye power. This show is a glorious cute blast.

Sukitte Li Na Yo #1

Another romance show? Oh, come on! No seriously, this one looks to be very good as well. It seems much more serious than Tonari. There are stalkers. But there is still a certain lightness about it. I am confident that this will be a really good show. Supposedly it is based on the most popular shojo manga in Japan right now. Ah well, what counts is that I started caring for the characters in the very first episode. That is a good sign. I wonder if there will be heartbreak. I think there might be. I suspect Tonari to just go on merrily and this one to get serious in a bit. I am excited and scared at the same time!

Zetsuen No Tempest #2

This show still looks quite stunning in it’s own kind of way. It feels very clean and almost sterile. But it is alright. Setting up more things and a lot less is happening compared to the last episode. I guess that is a second episode’s dilemma. I wonder why Yoshiro makes such a big secret about being with his best friends sister. And the fact that he seemed to know how to handle a gun kinda puts me in a sense of him being definitely not who he seems to be. I admit I suspect him of killing that poor gorgeous girl. Or being involved with it. I’ll have to find out.

K #2

Yes, the second episode thing. Of course they wont be able to keep doing all the things they did in the first episode. Visually I mean. Story wise this was pretty light actually. Sexy cats, some racing around, some illusions and a hilarious conclusion including quite tasty food happened in this episode. I enjoyed it quite a lot as it all flows by so nicely. It is really gorgeous. And I am taking a liking to these strange characters, of which some don’t seem to be who they try to be. More please!


Robotics;Notes #1

Robot Club wants to build huge robot. Principal names condition and every future episode will add another character to the show. This sounds pretty basic and not that special to be honest. A lot of tropes in here and even I detected them! Even so, I liked it. The characters were kinda cool and Akiho is pretty cute. This has some promise and I guess they wont just go down he usual road, I hope so at least.

I am mighty excited for the next week! Let us know what you are watching and how you like it in the comments!

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