Pranking my Brother #1

So yesterday my younger brother came back from his holliday vacation. And as a good older brother I decided to give him a little welcome present… but if I do stuff like that… I always do it sinatra-style… MY WAY.

I decided to prank him three times in the next 24 hours. What? I told you I‘d do it my way…

First thing I did was yesterday. Late at night my bro decided to make himself a sandwich. How rude… dad had my such a nice meal… he needed to be punished. The lights in the corridor were out and the kitchen door was closed. I stood directly next to the kitchen door… leaning on the wall like a cowboy. When brobro left the kitchen I turned on the lights in the corridor and said: „I see… you‘re making yourself a midnight snack!“

Needless to say… he was scared 🙂

Five hours ago we had dinner… I wasn‘t hungry so the whole family sat down at the table except me. I was in my room watching movies for film school… or so they thought…

I put on my black sweater and built myself a ninja mask out of a t-shirt. I sneaked into his room and started looking for a hide out. I found one right behind the table he keeps his television and x-box, plus an extra monitor on. That‘s a Bingo 😀
I lied down behind there. Bro sure took his time with dinner and it was getting kinda hot under my ninja mask and it was hard to breathe too. Finally, he came into the room. Turned the lights on. He was singing his favourite Die Ärzte song… I… had to try really hard not to laugh… but than again… how do you laugh without breathing. I waited for another 30 seconds… then I showed myself. And what can I say… he screamed… through some stuff at me and was super mad at me. Wonder why…

A few minutes ago I decided to prank him another time.

All the good thing have to be three. Old german proverb

I don‘t know if this is the right translation. And I honestly don‘t care.
Because this is about prank number three. The one I made my little bro paranoid. This is starting to sound really mean. So I better tell you that my brother is 17 years old and sometimes a total prick. Now I feel better. After the ninja prank my brother decided to keep the door to his room closed while he is in it, so O couldn‘t sneak up behind him and scare him again. Little did he know, that I don‘t really need to be in the room to scare some one. YES… I‘m that good. And here is how.

At first I had to something theatrical. I knocked on the door and went into his room and started talking to him, while I kept looking around in his room. In the closet, behind the curtains and under his bed.

„Did you close the door to keep me from scaring you? Are you that scared? Come on bro… Don‘t you realize, that I am allready hidden in here somewere? Think about it ;)“

I left the room, closing the door behind me. 15 minutes later I took a straw and stuck it through the keyhole in the door. I put a peppercorn into the straw and blew the corn into his room causing little noises in the room my brother definitly noticed because he stopped his videogames after I did that. I did this three times in a row. Ran back to my room and chilled at my desk watching „live of brian“. Bro came out of his room and walked straight into mine.“What‘s the matter?“ I asked, laughing my ass of.

„Nothing“, he replied, „guess I‘m just paranoid!“ then he went back into his room.

I sneaked back to his door. Blowing three new peppercorns in his room. Running back to my desk. Brother came running into my room. „Okay dude, I keep hearing small noises in my room and I think I know what is the deal with that. You put MaMo ( my pet turtle ) somewhere in my room so that HE can scare me!“

I just made my brother believe I sent my turtle to scare him… you can imagine his face when he saw my turtle happily swimming in his tank. „Congrats bro… you made me mad!“
„But I did nothing…“ I replied, trying real hard not to laugh. Believe me it hurt really bad to try not to laugh.

He said good night and went to bed… I keep blowing a peppercorn into his room every 8 minutes 🙂  Maybe some day I will tell him it was me… Maybe I never will. Maybe he is reading this right know 🙂 Hi Johnny, wut up bro?! I doubt it though 😀 We‘ll meet again.

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