Music Monday: Auxcide

Oh my, there are a lot of Chiptunes out there. A LOT! And a lot of people wont every listen to any of them. Some will know some, like Anamanaguchi, because of the “Scott Pilgrim” game or Disasterpeace, because of FEZ. Anyhow, there is the Chip=Win bundles and such things. The is 8bitpeoples and a lot of other places to discover chip music. I got started through 8bitpeoples and Bit Shifter, who I have had the honor of seeing live once. Some get you dancing, some are rather chill, but sadly there is a lot of bleep and bloop for the sake of bleep and bloop. That throws off a lot of people and sometimes it is really not easy to listen to that stuff.
But around the corner is always awesome stuff! Like Auxcide and his album “of Atoms and Stardust” which is a superb little thing. It got me and still gets me to dance whenever shuffle decides it is time for some “Ellipse”. Seriously this album is tons of fun to listen to and very accessible. That’s how I feel at least. It is pay what you want and worth every penny! Check it out!

It was also the only thing I listened to while reading “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. They fit together quite nicely!

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