Ahhhh, Comics! 10/17

This week is pretty solid. And exciting. Check it! For a full list that isn’t only what I get/recommend check out PreviewsWorld! Also, today I was lazy, I wanna play CS:GO!

Batwoman #13 ($2,99)

I am in doubt. Batwoman is a comic that has been superb. And it has been really bad. The beginning of this run was gorgeous, stunning and pulled my heart strings. After that the story got really confusing, as the writers/artists changed and they decided to split everything in to a million timelines. They should have just kept things tight. And now Wonder Woman. Which doesn’t make real sense, IF they are in the same timeline/universe, because Wonder Woman has no time to deal with Batwomans crap. Williams III still makes beautiful comics, so that is always a selling point.

Birds Of Prey #13 ($2,99)

I hope this holds up or at least continues to be somewhat alright. Foreman wasn’t cut out to draw the Birds, and the new guy looks promising. That story line got messed up bad, as nothing was ever finished or at least it didn’t feel that way. I feel like I am repeating myself here. That is a sign.

Wonder Woman #13 ($2,99)

There was a twist in the last issue and now, on with the new arc. I am excited as I really didn’t expect this to go the way it did. Changs art is nice and Azzarello’s writing works. I am looking forward to this!

Godzilla: The Half-Century War #3 ($3,50)

Awww, yeah. More Godzilla! Never enough of Stokoe and Gozilla, I wish that series could go on for longer, but that would stand in the way of Orc Stain and believe me, Orc Stain is even better than this! Seriously, it is possible. Buy this, seriously!

Chew #29 ($2,99)

Almost at the half-way point and it is more surreal than ever. I do feel like there is always a pretty long time between issues and I am looking forward to the TPB, when I’ll read it all at once again. Chew is good, really, really good.

Daredevil #19 ($2,99)

Solid, solid comic. There isn’t much else to say. We should meet the new villain soonish, so that all of it can make sense again. It better be good. But I trust Waid and Samnee to deliver.

I have a special treat for you today. You might have noticed that there was no comic of the week mentioned. Well I am not getting this one. But it deserves the title.

(W/A/CA) Fred Perry
Do you long to deliver damsels from distress in a far-flung future, join a bold beauty for some intergalactic adventure, or further the future of extraterrestrial relations, but feel more like a padawan than a paragon when it comes to putting your story and art to paper? Our venerated masters will train you to in the basics and finer points of portraying high-born heroines in danger and in action, no matter what their planets or dimensions of origin!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to color women you have drawn in skimpy outfits and put spiky ears on them? Here you go! This is bad. Seriously. So there you go, Comic of the Week!

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