Music Monday: Brightside

First off I gotta apologize. The Anime post is late and will be up some time tonight. Gotta watch two more shows!

Now that we got that out of the way let me introduce you to Brightside.
Yes, their bandcamp page looks fucking terrible. That yellow ain’t easy on the eyes at all. But forgive them, because their music is free if you want it to be. Dudes make solid rock and roll music. The lyrics are pretty boss and the music flows nicely. I imagine this to be pretty easy to sing along to, and I am doing that already.

Those are two albums that kind of fit every situation. Like Spirit Night two weeks ago, this is a band that doesn’t need a reason for listening to them. You just do and then for 30 minutes you have a mighty fine time. So take some time off wanking and listen to them!

That image up top is from “Baka & Gogh” by Katou Shinkichi. It just got scanlated completely, is gorgeous and I’ll probably do a write-up or something soonish because it absolutely blew me away!

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