Dayum comics are pricey this week! No 2,99ers. But they are all good comics, damn those people who tell great stories. But they gotta make their moneys somehow…
So, what am I getting this week?

All Star Western #13 ($3,99)

Nothing special to say here. I enjoy this comic and the recent story line wasn’t that bad. The #0 was alright, if this wasn’t drawn by Moritat I don’t think I’d be getting it anymore…

Little Depressed Boy #14 ($3,99)

I wish there was more of the guy. Seriously, those little snippets have me care for the dude, but if there was more of him that would be easier. Anyhow, I enjoy the comic a lot.

Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #1($3,99)

FUCK YES! This was first published by Oni and now comes from Image. I personally can’t ever get enough of Graham, so this is a must-instant-no-thoughts-wasted buy. Seriously! You can expect some weird stuff and it will look gorgeous. Pinky promise! COMIC OF THE WEEK, obviously.

Prophet #30 ($3,99)

This one is going up in price because not enough people are buying it. That won’t stop me from buying it myself, but I can understand why the general public wouldn’t buy this. Raving reviews aren’t enough after all and this is very much a niche comic. A really well done niche comic though, one that I would take ver any Batman comic. Or Deadpool or whatever.

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4 Responses to Ahhhhh, COMICS! 10/24 – MULTIPLE WARHEADS

  1. wwayne says:

    If you want to read a good western comic, try The Lone Ranger. It pleases my eye each month with its wonderful art, and the plot is great as well.

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