Awww Yeah, Anime! Week 3: Part 2

And here is part two!

Zetsuen No Tempest #3

I enjoy this show. For the mystery still surrounding the characters. For the art and for the grey colors, that are in a nice contrast with the lush island colors. And because the women all have this little bit of pink color around their eyes. Makes them look kind of different and adds a certain detail to it, that I don’t remember seeing anywhere else. This sounds weird as a reason per se, but it is something I appreciate about the show. The concept of magic in this world is also quite interesting. Logic and all that and thus the reason for not being able to resurrect people. I wonder if there are other clans with different purposes as well. I guess I’ll find out.

Check out the rest (Sukitte Li Na Yo, Robotics;Notes and Shinsekai Yori) after the jump!

Sukitte Li Na Yo #2

I understand Mei. I really do. That certain kind of obsession after experiencing something new and not knowing what the hell it means or what she should do with it. I understand that quite well. And this show captures it so well. It makes me think about the source material and how good that must be. I can’t help but compare the show to Tonari, they are similar after all. Lone girl and popular dude totally rips her out of her world. In a good way though. I like that. Tonari is a lot more light hearted though. And the laughs are a much bigger factor. Sukitte has something earnest about it, it is something I really find myself appreciating. It is also very honest. You are missing out if you aren’t watching it.

Robotics;Notes #3

That felt really short. It feels like a very generic show and that might become a bad thing in the future, right now there is enough about those characters to keep me watching. And to keep me entertained. I am looking forward to next week!

Shinsekai Yori #3

Dayum, really, dayum! This show manages to capture attention and build tension with such little things. Last week it was the beginning scene and now this glowing thing. This is glorious and exciting stuff. While the animation wasn’t that great this time, particularly in the faces, that beginning was gorgeous! I kinda wish the whole show was made in that style. There is gonna be some world building now and some answers, finally. Shit is gonna go down! And as romance develops and we get to know the characters, it will hit hard. I am looking forward to the things that will be and I am confident that I am gonna enjoy them!

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