Awww, yeah! Anime Week 4: Part 1

As they realize that the dude is kinda hot…

Part one has Shinsekai Yori, Tonari no Kaibatsu-Kun, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! and Robotics;Notes! All of those were really, really enjoyable! This is honestly the first time that I am able to watch that many shows continuously. Which makes me damn happy. I hope I didn’t jinx it now, but I’ll pull through. All the sweet pics and text are to be seen after the jump. Plus a picture that could be considered NSFW. K, Zetsuen No Tempest and Sukitte Li na Yo will follow as soon as they are subbed right.

Shinsekai Yori #4

This show is SO good. There is no fighting or huge drama or any action. There are just revelations this time. And they matter. They make this world so much more understandable. I always find it interesting to see why people act the way they act and what they are willing to do to other people to keep surviving. Those people who made the decisions here certainly aren’t nice people by our standards, but it seems like everyone who is old enough soon learns what is going on. After all, Saki’s parents were involved in some stuff and talked about it in one of the first two episodes. I love how things are coming together now. The opening scenes of the first episode make sense now, as do all the other opening sequences. Up to the fourth were they skip the opening theme completely to have more time explaining things. Which is a really good thing, because this needs time. It is mighty complicated! I am still processing. What I know though is that I was hanging on that libraries lips while it talked, sucking in every word.

I love how this season has hilarious shows. It has hilarious and heartfelt shows. There are heartfelt and funny shows. And there are grim shows. Shinsekai Yori is a grim show. But that doesn’t mean it is bad. With it’s fantastic pacing the punches weigh much more.

Tonari No Kaibatsu-kun #4

I laughed out lout. At least twice. They were loud barking laughs. Because this show is awesome. It walks the thin line between serious issues and funny things. Kinda like Rinne No Lagrange did last season. Only that Rinne’s serious issues were about intergalactic warfare and not about bullying. The question of right or wrong is a good one to ask in this. Because Haru’s character seems to have a strong sense of what’s right or wrong and it seems to be questioned now that he looks around himself more. I like seeing that character grow, it is fun, engaging and I start caring about the dude.

In the beginning this show was very straight forward. A kiss here and a confession there. Now they dialed it back a bit, enjoying the background they build. It makes for a very, very enjoyable show. And then the fan service. Although it was actually nice stuff. Not INYOURFACEBOOBIES. More like: “Oh that’s nice, thank you!”
I am enjoying this to no end!

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! #4

This is one of the most hilarious shows I have seen. I haven’t seen many, but what I mean is that show is awesome. And there are a lot of layers to it. I was truly surprised when Nibutani’s voice changed her into someone who scared me. For a second I thought she was there to be with our hero. And then that hope got taken apart so quickly. And she started being kind of a mean person. But I think she is a good person all in all. She just needs to come down from her cheerleader horse. And then she might just fall for Yuuta who then has to decide between her and Rikka (I’d take Rikka, she is just too adorable). Anyhow, this is gonna be much fun and my laughter will continue to raise weird looks from the rest of my family.

Robotics;Notes #3

And then the show added some mystery and some action and suddenly it seemed quite big in scope and the time went by too fast. I liked this episode quite a lot. There is some foreshadowing. And some more characters are introduced. I expect some real action soon! Right now we only get mini-robo action as our heroes win the Robo-One cup. Just watch it alright? I am excited, because they are pulling back a lot of layers and the things that are hidden seem to be really interesting!

Here is a treat.

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