MM – Shitao & BloodnStuff

I got two for you tonight. I though that, since the anime is kinda lacking, I’d give you two awesome artists! One is a recent discovery, many thanks to the guys of “the siren sound”, and the other one goes way back. Both are fucking amazing in their own way. Seriously good, good music!

Here is a taste of both, if you like it hit the jump!

BloodnStuff is a two piece combo. One guitar plus drums bring you a good mixture of pure rock, a little bit of math-rock and some really good singing. This is a great debut album and one that I have enjoyed a lot over the past days! I don’t know who the singer reminds me of, I get a Witchcraft vibe, but that doesn’t really make any sense. It might be Volbeat, that actually makes more sense. Yes the singer sounds a bit like the one from Volbeat. Wherever those guys have gone. This is weird, that realization really irks me. Urgh. Anyhow, good stuff!
The album is available in all the usual places. Including the Siren Sound, if you want a peak. I wont link for obvious reasons! It is well worth your money though!

Shitao on the other hand is a beatsmith from france. He makes some dark and mellow beats with a lot of movie influences. Really good stuff that makes you feel something. He will make your head bob around and just introduces a lush feeling. Can’t really describe
it, but it is really nice for a good background. It helps relax!

If that is your thing sometimes then go for it. All of his albums or the ones I could find are free of charge. The header image is the cover of his latest album, it came out in 2011. You can download it for free from his page! The other two albums, both are FANTASTIC can be found on this website .

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