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Tuesday isn’t Monday: Michael McCann

Yes, I know, I am late. Everything will be late this week, if it actually happens. Who is to blame then? Work and video games have teamed up on me. This is not a complaint. This is happiness speaking. Still, … Continue reading

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Who let the dogs out?

YEAH 😀 Just klick on that picture and enjoy the… whatever that is.

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The Art of Breakfast

I’m a total sucker for illustration and handdrawn art. And right now I’m completly in love with this litlle video of artist Danny Gregory painting his breakfast. But it’s not just the painting that is beautiful. I also like that … Continue reading

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Anime: Mind Control and Oversized T-Shirts

Here we go again. I am seriously behind of Robotics;Notes and Sukitte Li Na Yo and Zetusen no Tempest. I have tomorrow off so I’ll get some watching done if Deus Ex lets me. Music while writing this: Ancient Sky … Continue reading

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Weekend Short – son of bruce lee

Weekend short numero 2. DRAGON BABY. A short film by the great filmmaker Patrick Boivin. This short film stars his son in a bruce lee game of death outfit fighting a toy dragon. He also made Iron Baby, another short … Continue reading

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Ready to Friday!

Motivation! I need it ad I get it. Thank you. Have a great weekend!

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Midweek Message: James Kochalka

I have been reading a ton of American Elf lately. 1998 til 2003 to be exact. I loved every second of it! I haven’t smiled that much in a while and I learned a lot about life by being a … Continue reading

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Awww yeah, Anime! Repulsion and Licking

Ahhhhhh, I am falling behind on everything! But I shall prevail. I shall pull through and I wont drop a show. Here are some thoughts and stuff! Soundtrack to this one: The Saddest Landscape

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AHHH Comics! – 11/21

Late posts are late. Things are busy right now and I had to get slightly tipsy at an office party yesterday. Stuff happens! COMICS, sweet comics! There will be some today as it is Wednesday and Wednesday is comics day! … Continue reading

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ADOLF is BACK – and he needs your cash

This is the first trailer for the upcoming Adolf Movie. It’s based on the comicstrips of Walter Moers and sheds a whole new light on the third reich and Adolf Hitler as a person. To make it more precise… it’s … Continue reading

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