Anime: Just like Bonobos!

Trying something different now. I am getting confused with numbers. SO I’ll just do a write-up as soon as I have seen enough episodes. This one covers Shinsekai Yori #5, K #4, Sukitte Li Na Yo #3 & #4, Tonari no Kaibatsu-Kun #5 and Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! #5. Enjoy, telly me what you watched and hit the jump for the whole post!

Shinsekai Yori #5

This show is really good at picking up things that happened before. Like the thing with the Bonobos, even if you didn’t get it in the last episode, now you know what it means. And it is weird, interesting and damn shocking in ways. It gives the world they created much more depth. Even though the rest of the episode was a lot of action and not much more explanation I enjoyed it greatly. They split the cast as well. Which was nice. Some building between characters is always great. The art was weird in the beginning, it made sense because of the general feeling of the episode. It was less detailed, but it fit, strange enough. Did I say that I enjoyed this episode? Well I did. Thank you!

K #4

Okay, what I said last week still stands. I thought this was more of a serious show, that was the vibe I got from the first episode. And now there is jokes everywhere. The jokes ain’t bad, I laughed, but it is not what I expected and this episode in particular felt more like filler. It took them 22 minutes to get two things across. First, our hero doesn’t remember shit or is a REALLY good liar and second point is about some underlying romance that is brewing. That’s it, supposedly, there will be some action next week. But still this is going slower than I thought it would. And there is less, well, magic too it by now. Doesn’t feel as fresh as the first episode. Which is a given, but still kind of a bummer. I’ll stay around because Neko is adorable and I am curious.

Sukitte Li Na Yo #3 + #4

Mei really is a very nice human being. She is humble and true to herself and she is blunt. She helps people who aren’t even that nice to her and she is slowly but surely opening up to the world around her. I really enjoy seeing her like that. It makes me happy. Hey guy Yamato is a bit weird at times, like when he talks about her during the meet up with the jackass as if she wasn’t really there. That stuff always bothered me. And when he said she was his alone. That was strange. I think she is, although quite in love with him, still her own. Maybe he meant it differently, but the way he said it. I was legitimately creeped out.
All the heart warming feelings, cute kittens, a rival (maybe) and some kissy-kissy could be found in those episodes. All the good stuff.

Tonari No Kaibatsu-Kun #5

I guess this is the season of badass women. Dayum Shizuku is cool. She is a dry person but underneath that she knows, cares and will fight for her people. She and Mei have a lot in common I think. Shizuku is prettier though!
That big brother is a manipulative asshole. Or that is his impression. He actually did something good, but still, I can’t trust him at all. I liked how Haku wanted to boss his quasi girlfriend around and failed miserably. Oh, and a new challenger appears! Everyone seems to fall hopelessly in love with that dude and all that only because he smiles sometimes. That “Can I touch you” moment was freaking hilarious!
I am grateful that there isn’t a show that I don’t enjoy. I like them all a lot and they entertain me greatly. Tonari is at the top of that line.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! #5

Maybe not as funny an episode but much more cute than anything else. Is it time for romance now? Might be getting close to it. We are also getting closer to the characters embracing their past, which is nice and the mostawesomeandamazingnappngchef put all of it into words quite nicely. Also, swimsuits and cute faces!

Have a sweet wekend folks!


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