MM: The Flaming Tsunamis

I don’t dig most of the hard-core music things. Most of them are hard to understand and bad on the ears in my opinion. Some are really damn good of course, no doubt. But I love me some horns in my music so The Flaming Tsunamis are a win. After I read about their EP called Zombies vs Robots they were the best thing ever in my mind, at least for a while. Now I return to them quite often, still liking their rough sound quite a bit. And to sing along to the very, very good lyrics on songs like “Refuse to Die” or “Opus”. They are amazing. And sadly they aren’t around anymore. Not really. They seem to have played a gig lately, but it ain’t the same anymore. I am bummed that they never released their last album. There are like finished new songs on their bandcamp, but they aren’t for sale. Which sucks.

So here you go, get that “Zombies vs Robots EP” because it rocks. The album the the “Fokus the Fury” EP are really good as well, but Zombies vs Robots knocks it out of the park!

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