So, while I am waiting for Deus Ex: Human Revolution to install I might just as well be a selfish man and tell you about the comics I will get tomorrow. If you wanna share yours feel free and dod so in the comments. I am always looking for new stuff. So hey, LET’S COMICS!

47 Ronin #1 ($3,99)

Stan Sakai has been doing Usagi Yojimbo for ages now and to be honest I haven’t read any of it. But I have heard good things, very good things. Samurais are awesome and he pays tribute to that. He does so in this new comic as well. The story of the 47 Ronin who go out to avenge their lord is commonly known I think. This one was created together with the dude who made “Lone Wolf and Cub”, which might just be the BEST samurai comic ever made. You can quote me on that. So go out and have a look!

Manhattan Projects #7 ($3,99)

It has been a while. But now those crazy fuckers are back to mess up the world a bit more. I don’t mind at all. I am excited! That’s it.

Danger Club TPB #1 ($9,99)

Not gonna get this because the store most likely wont have it, but this comic is very solid. The last issue had a bit too much of computer made graphics for my taste, but the story has enough gore, interesting plot lines and sweet characters to make up for it. Be so kind and support a little comic!

Thought Bubble Anthology 2012 #2 ($3,99)

The last Anthology was quite amazing. This one should be as well. Lots of young creators and the newspaper format was pretty sweet for the first issue. I appreciate that this is happening and I am looking forward to it.

Adventure Time TPB #1 ($17,99)

I didn’t buy the single issues so there you go. Adventure Time works in comics, it really does, the charm carries over quite well and the artists are all amazing. You can discuss the multiple covers and the horrors they bring to store owners all you want. I am getting the trade, because I don’t like what they are doing with those covers. It is bad for the stores that have to order a certain amount of comics for extra covers. I don’t like that. Adventure Time itself is pretty awesome though.

Stumptown v2 #3 ($3,99)

Shit is gonna go down. Seriously, that preview, oh my, this is gonna be good! Jump on that wagon before it is too late!

And something that might be there: Nurse Nurse GN by Katie Skelly ($15)

Some sweet creator owned small press comics. I am excited for this. It was an impulse order and I am looking forward to it. The art looks sweet enough and I need some good sci-fi right now. Strong contender for COMIC OF THE WEEK

There you go, thank you for reading the rambles. Why don’t you tell us what you like to read comics wise? That’d be cool!

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