Deadpool #1

Sooo, yeah, I know comics aren’t my expertise, I know that I’m stepping into Lele’s territory, but nevermind that: IT’S DEADPOOL TIME

Yeah kids, you heard right: Marvel’s Deadpool is getting a reboot.

Because: Shut up.
It’s Marvel, that’s what they do.

Regardless of their complex artistic choices, the new series isn’t half bad. Guts, puke, violence. Everything that makes Deadpool the loving psychopath we love and adore.
The only thing I’m missing is the actual depth of the character. Y’know, between the fart jokes and the …well fart jokes. Maybe it’s too much to ask to write in some deep character developement stuff in the first issue (especially considering the fight against the zombie presidents…), but I’m still missing something.

Well, maybe in the next issue, folks. All I can say now is, that I enjoyed the new/old Deadpool and can recommend everyone to hop onto the wagon.

Because he isn’t the hero we want, but the scumbag we need.

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