AHHHH Comics! 11/14 – SAGA IS BACK!

I wish I had kept up with that manga. All I have now is the anime. Which is gorgeous. Bunny Drop Vol.7 is out this Wednesday!

Last week knocked it out of the park. That Adventure Time Trade might be mostly covers, it was still pretty darn awesome to read. So this week is less stuff for me at least. If you are reading the Bat-Family stuff you’ll be happy to see all the “Death in the Family” books you ever wanted. Me? I am bummed that I am still waiting for the next Chew and excited about new SAGA! They are BACK! And I am pretty darn happy about it.

Well now, let’s get to it!

Conan the Barbarian #10 ($3,50)

The art was kind of hit and miss in the last few issues, but it had it’s own kind of style and I appreciate that. Just not my thing. Anyhow, there should be some taking care of assholes in this one if I remember right! Check that cover though. Doesn’t that look amazing! You are in for a treat for all I care!


The Massive #6 ($3,50)

This is a strange comic and I haven’t really decided how I feel about it. I feel like I say the same stuff about it every month. What counts though is that the art fits the story and there is stuff happening, last moths issue was pretty exciting. I want an overarching story that engages the shit out of me though. Maybe I ask for too much to early and I bet Wood is working hard on everything. Actually he is still introducing characters, I should shout from the trees at issue #6. I apologize.

Saga #7 ($2,99)

Awwww yeah! It continues after a months break. This is gonna be good. We get to know the parents and stuff. This is gonna be rad! And that cover, ohhhhhhh, what is gonna happen? What is gonna happen? Ahhhhhh!
COMIC OF THE WEEK, no questions asked!


So, what are you reading this week? You can also hit the jump for the full sized covers!

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