Music not on Mondays – Awesome Edition (as always)

So yeah, Music Monday didn’t happen this week. I am sorry for that. Seriously, I was sitting at work and I was bummed. Then stress happened and then it was LATE. Enough with the apologies. I got a nice package prepared for you here. Some sweet music!


First there is Madeline Ava. I found her while looking for artists that still release their music on tapes. She makes some pretty darn awesome lo-fi music with a ukulele. Just beautiful, laid-back and generally sweet stuff. Kind of quiet too. Really enjoyable.

Check out her bandcamp page!

Secondly there are Plaid Dragon. Some sweet acoustic indie pop hailing from Springfield. Female fronted the music goes straight into the heart regions. It is really delightful stuff. A short EP is out now and a full length is supposed to come out early 2013. Keep them on the radar, because this stuff is beautiful!

Last is Danijel Zambo. That dude would make some amazing video game soundtracks. Seriously, he crafts an atmosphere with ease. He goes from epic to slow and relaxing in no time. One of his releases is free and it is amazing. By the way, he does instrumental, ambient stuff. Kinda like The Flashbulb.

I hope you enjoyed this! Now go discover some music!

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