Anime: And the Rooster Laid an Egg!

And it was hard-boiled.
This has taken quite a while. Apologies. I spend the week somewhere else, because our heating was being fixed, aka no warm water for a week. And I didn’t wanna sit around at a friends place and watch anime all day. I can do that all by myself and not annoy anyone with it before work. Having to work late is pretty sweet in some ways I tell you. Anyhow, Animu have been watched and I wrote some stuff about it. Did you watch some? Tell me, tell me I honestly wanna know about it!

Read it all after the jump!

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! #6

D’awwwwwwwwwww! This show has settled into a comfortable pace. It is still hilarious, has fights, baldness and milk. Also magic lightning and SOME HAND HOLDING! Oh my god that was one heck of a short, but awesome moment. Romance is brewing. Between our two main characters and also, surprise, between the bald kid and the queen of napping. Which is awesome. He stood up for what it means to be a man and for that he was bebalded. Also, there is gonna be some hot-spring action in the next episode… (YAY!)

K #5 & #6

This show is mighty subtle. There are no big changes, no big fights and all that. Everything seems to be intertwined and it almost seems going to be quite slow. But dayum, that pot is slowly filling up and it might just overflow soon. I just think it is a bummer that I, personally, don’t really feel connected to any of the characters. They are all cool and fancy looking, sure, but that is it. Some confusion and stuff and the thing with the phones was interesting, but naw, no real connection to be felt. I still like the show, but more for visuals and the questions of the mystery not for the characters involved.
On a side note, that panty-shot in episode 5 felt kind of weird, somewhat forced. Maybe they wanted to counter all the yaoi vibes, but nay, that wasn’t nice.

Psycho-Pass #5

Oh yeah, I started watching that. It is fun and the band that plays the opening track is fantastic. It is a crime scene set in the future. Apparently your mind is monitored a lot here and they can predetermine if you are likely to commit a crime and if you can still be saved or if you are lost forever to madness. It is weird and awesome in what it does. Those guns kick ass, they kill when aimed at someone who is lost and stun someone who can still be saved. Episode 5 kinda introduced what I think might be the main villain. I am excited.

Sukitte Li Na Yo #5

We started with a D’awwwww and we’ll end this one with a D’awwwwwwwwwwww. That little kid was adorable and the way those two connected was pretty damn cute. I appreciated that a lot. This episode felt shorter than the last ones, maybe because there wasn’t much that happened, but it might also be that it was all so well done and put together in one sweet package, that I didn’t notice the time fly by.
That kid is awesome at backing AND sewing! Those teddy bears were awesome! But those eyes, for my tastes they look weird…

Tonari No Kaibatsu-kun #6

There are problems on the horizon. A competitor in the game of love has appeared. I have to watch that scene where she explodes again because I kind of missed it, but I like how honest those characters are, well to other people, to themselves they lie quite often. Shizuku is definitely undergoing some changes, but I am confident things will work out in the end. And studying is not the way to go, let me tell ya, that other girl will swoop in and steal that Haru from you. You gotta act girl, act FAST! I’ll cheer from the side!

Well thanks for reading, sorry for lateness and see you soon! What did you watch?

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