Music Monday: Infinity Shred

I started walking down Post Street and Starscream was in my ears. They had just released their second full legth or first full legth, whatever you consider “Future towards the Edge of Forever” to be. It is the music I connect to going into the safeway at the corner of Webster St and Geary Boulevard. That was a damn beautiful day in San Francisco and the strawberries I bought were freaking delicious! I have to do this again.

By now Starscream isn’t Starscream anymore. They are called Infinity Shred because some hardcore band told them to change their name. Well on Spotify they are still Starscream. Stuff is weird. They make some really good chip music. There also drums involved and some guitars joined in the latest release under the new name. The band seems to have grown quite a bit since the first thing they released in 2010. Future and it doesn’t work is amazing! Seriously one of my favorite chip records ever. I absolutely love how they mix what I would call post-rock with chip sounds. They have a very atmospheric and not as much rocking as Slime Girls, for example. They take it slow sometimes and I greatly appreciate that.

I don’t remember much of the music I listened to while I was in SF, there was definitely some GO!GO! involved, but Starscream or better Infinity Shred is a much more vivid memory.

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