AHHH Comics! – 11/21

Cover Art by Cliff Chiang

Late posts are late. Things are busy right now and I had to get slightly tipsy at an office party yesterday. Stuff happens! COMICS, sweet comics! There will be some today as it is Wednesday and Wednesday is comics day! What can I recommend then?

Cover Art by J.H. Williams

Batwoman #14 ($2,99)

The Batwoman/Wonder Woman arc should continue and Williams III is drawing it. I’ll make a decision after this arc if I keep going. The story is just not as good as it was when Rucka was writing it or as it was in the very beginning. I really don’t care about Medusa to be honest. That thing with the children has been long overdue and seeing how it kind of destroyed everything Batwoman loved (aka girlfriend/cousin/father) I guess I should care. But it is so nonspecific. There is nothing to really concentrate on regarding a villain. Things are pretty confusing to be honest. We will see though, how it all goes.

Birds of Prey #14 ($2,99)

The hunt for the sword continues. I don’t know why Katana has a sword on the cover, I thought they took it away. The last issue was full of plot holes as well and that is a bummer. Well maybe they‘ll actually wrap up this arc and not leave everyone hanging while starting a new all explosive story, seriously! I guess if they don’t I’ll let it go. I admit a big part of me continuing to read this is the birds themselves and not the story. Make of that whatever you want. I wish this comic was better.

Wonder Woman #14 ($2,99)

This one was on a couple of lists for best comics this year, and on lists for overlooked comics. I can’t comment on the overlooked part. I started reading it at issue #3 and it was pretty darn fun. I enjoy my time with it. There are gonna be new gods soon. I don’t know anything about those so I guess I’ll be fine and without prejudice. I do wish they would have stayed in Greek Mythology a bit more, that was really cool. At least Azzarello knows how to finish up a story arc. Take that BoP!

Cover Art by Paolo Rivera

Daredevil #20 ($2,99)

#19 made me care again. That Coyote seems to be a bit of a badass and I am psyched to see how Matt Murdock fares against him. I expect this to be a lot of fun. Black holes, new heads and covers by Paolo Rivera. I am content!

not final cover art

Braves Warriors #2 ($3,99)

I sure hope I can get my hands on this one. The last issue was a surprise and I bet this one holds up just as well. I don’t care much for all the multiple covers I care more for what’s inside and that was crazy enough in issue #1 to keep me. There is also a show on Cartoon Hangover, which is quite glorious. Comic of the Week?

So that is that. Sorry for lateness. What are you gonna get today?

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4 Responses to AHHH Comics! – 11/21

  1. wwayne says:

    A lot of New 52 series have been thrown in at the deep end, since the reboot started. Characters like Voodoo, Grifter, Mr. Terrific, Static Shock and so on passed from being unknown to the 99 % of comics fan to having their own solo title. Of course they lacked the bases to avoid failure.
    Also, DC didn’t advertise them enough: for example, when I read that Mr. Terrific was among the first New 52 cancelled titles, I didn’t even know who he was.
    The same thing is happening for characters like Katana and Vibe. DC definitely didn’t learn from its mistakes.
    Anyway, I will try Katana. As you already know, miss Nocenti’s work on Green Arrow is atrocious, but I loved her run on Daredevil, as I love anything concerning Japan.
    Talking about black holes, you really should read “Black Hole” by Charles Burns if you haven’t. It’s the best comic book I’ve ever read – and I read it years ago, so I’m not talking on the spur of the moment. I didn’t put it in this list http://thedynamicbuzz.com/2012/11/12/preview-batgirl-14/#comments only because I didn’t considered graphic novels.

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