Awww yeah, Anime! Repulsion and Licking

One Piece was just too god damn amazing this week!

Ahhhhhh, I am falling behind on everything! But I shall prevail. I shall pull through and I wont drop a show. Here are some thoughts and stuff!

Soundtrack to this one: The Saddest Landscape

Tonari No Kaibtsu-Kun #7

The drama, all of the drama is happening now. And it fits nicely. Some episodes that had me asking: “Well is that it? They are already together, what can go wrong now?” Well sometimes it takes a while for people to realize that they are different. And sometimes that takes a toll on the relationship. It is happening right now. The roles reversed. Shizukus tells herself she doesn’t love Haku anymore while Haku doesn’t know what to do with his urges. It is really interesting to get a look into his character and I greatly appreciate that. He seems to follow some simple rules and is, as it is right for a high-schooler not very grown up in certain areas. I can relate. I’d never lick someone, but I can relate. This show packs the funny and the romance together entertainingly every week. So much fun!

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! #7

Comedy and romance eh? The romance is slowly entering this show. At a great pace. There is a mole and a beach episode. My eyes got big I can tell you that. And they stayed big, but the feelings got switched upside down. Poor Rikka, the unseen horizon seems to be her harbor, her safe place and no one accepts that. Except for our hero of course, who might just know what she is going through and who is gonna save her when the time comes. It makes me sad right now, how her grandfather dismisses her as childish and probably stupid, how her grandma is trying to be nice while being weirded out and her sister who is doing her best taking care of her, but who realizes that this can’t go on forever. She has to face reality at some point and neither her servant nor her “Tyrant’s Eye” will save her from that.

Shin Sekai Yori #6

I love that choir! Seriously, when those children are singing I get goosebumps. It is as epic as it is creepy. Right now this show probably has my favorite soundtrack. So it is possible to regain your cantus, but only if you know the words to it. Why doesn’t she just tell him about hers and gets her power back that way? Also, shouldn’t he get stomach pains from killing all those little mean motherfuckers? Who seem to be able to adapt to everything. Evolution is a badass after all!
Anyhow, shit is gonna go down in Episode #7. I am interested in seeing how it will play out!

Shin Sekai Yori #7

Shit didn’t go down. Not really. So there is one question to answer: “Did that wrap up an arc nicely?” I think so. The episode felt awkward at points and more than once the transition made it feel like it was already over. The end was kind of weird too. I don’t feel completely satisfied. On one side this was a heck of an interesting ride, on the other hand it definitely had its problems. It wasn’t perfect by any means. Neither in pacing nor in the art. But I liked it enough to keep going and I’ll do so as long as I can. The next arc takes place after a time jump. Let’s see how that will go!

Zetsuen No Tempest #4

Some history on relationships. Still no revelation and more character building than story development. I expect the next episodes to do more of that. I am slowly catching up!

I am having trouble watching all the shows I wanna watch and work is catching up to me. I am doing my best though. What did you watch lately?

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