Anime: Mind Control and Oversized T-Shirts

Here we go again. I am seriously behind of Robotics;Notes and Sukitte Li Na Yo and Zetusen no Tempest. I have tomorrow off so I’ll get some watching done if Deus Ex lets me.

Music while writing this: Ancient Sky – badass and amazing drone rock stuff. Kind people as well. They play a great show!

Let’s do this!

K #7

REVELATIONS! That was not what I expected. A bit of a cop out, but smartly done and without bad feelings. I appreciate it. Although it would have been much more interesting if Isana Yashiro really was the real bad guy. But there seems to be more behind it all. Of course, who am I kidding. You gotta keep the story going. So much blue in this show. Oh my, more colors would be cool. Or not. I wonder…

K #8

Things are speeding up and crazy people laugh in crazy ways. That food, tea ceremony thing was kind of icky looking. Anyhow, everything is still blue. Neko is still adorable and as much like a cat as a cat can be and the music is still pretty amazing. Not much action in this episode, it was mostly for driving the plot forward. It is highly appreciated that the show is closing in on a climax, that’s how it feels anyways.

Psycho-Pass #6 + #7

It is really difficult calling the main villain a villain. What he does has to be condemned and it is not okay by any means. At the same time he offers people who are held back by the system they live in an escape. The fact that those people he helps out are murderous psychopaths is of course not to be forgotten. At the same time I feel like he does something good in some far of corner of that darkness. After all this form of society thought up by Psycho-Pass is not leaving anything to it’s citizens. It reminds me of Brave New World, only that people are different, still, and are forbidden to do the things they’d like to do by a system that puts them into corners that it thinks they would fit in.
It is really a really interesting and deep world they have crafted here. Lots of plus points for the usage of “Ode to Joy” that was fantastic!

Zetsuen No Tempest #5

Everything happens for a reason. Man there are so many questions in this show and it is definitely much deeper than I thought at the beginning. All the events seem to be linked together and they are not holding back in throwing in one twist after another. I wish I had a better knowledge of Shakespeare as both Psycho-Pass and Zetsuen quote the man quite often. Be it Hamlet or Titus Andronicus, the writer is present a lot. I have faith that the conclusion to this show will be a good one. It will certainly be a surprise. I hope.

Tonari No Kaibatsu-Kun #8

Aww those costumes were adorable. The tears were heart wrenching. Poor Natsume, you were right in caring for your friends and I am happy you stood up for them! There is a good balance between hilarious scenes and quite dramatic stuff. Haru doesn’t seem to have himself under control as much as he should. It is a problematic things and I wonder once more what his brother has done to him that makes him hurt people around him whenever that douche enters the scene. I hope to know soon!

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai #8

Introducing ROMANCE! Hi how are you doing romance? Are you gonna kick drama in the butt and hang out with comedy now? Oh I really appreciate you hanging out. Seriously, you are adorable to watch. Oversized shirts on girls are just as awesome as towels. This episode delivered on all ends.
I smiled a lot throughout the second part of the episode, aka as soon as Rikka decided to go back home. Adorable, simply adorable, all of it.

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