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Comics: You know nothing – Best of 2012

There are some comics that came out this year that blew me away. And yes, they are all books (trades or hard cover) and no single issues. Taking the best single issues would be too much work at 2am on … Continue reading

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Weekend Short – what’s that in your pocket?

The young man in this short animation is in a difficult relationship. His girlfriend doesn’t trust him anymore. And it doesn’t help that she find something in his pocket… that looks suspicious to her. This short film is basically a … Continue reading

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Anime: It’s a Wrap! #1

  Chunibyouu was a great and very entertaining show. It taught me something actually, it taught me that nothing is wrong with being a little weird. Even if I was a bit more weird than that, it shouldn’t bother me … Continue reading

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DO YA THING – making of a musicvideo

That’s a nice picture above the text don’t you think? It kinda remids me of myself and how I get up. And it reminds me of my room too. Just kidding… or am I? I always liked the music of … Continue reading

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Hey Guys 😀 Merry Christmas!!!Don’t you have friends or family to be with right now? It’s christmas … losers. Me? I’m not a loser… I wrote this a week ago. But I am constantly checking for likes and comments while … Continue reading

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Christmas Short – Your tree will kill you :)

Treevenge is a shortfilm by canadian film director Jason Eisner. Who also made such masterpieces as “Hobo with a Shotgun”. DON’T SHOW THIS TO KIDS PLEASE!!! CONTAINS PHYSICAL AND MENTAL VIOLENCE AS WELL AS RAPE SCENES OF AND BY TREES. … Continue reading

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Favorite Albums of 2012 #2

Here is the second installment. I gave myself the time of my favorite song of those albums to write about the respective album. It worked somehow. I think I am gonna do a third one tomorrow or something like that. … Continue reading

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Weekend Short – legends never die

Congratulations 😀 If you can read this, you are still alive and the world didn’t end. Take that Roland Emmerich. Now start the first day of the rest of your life with this legendary short film 🙂 This is one … Continue reading

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My favorite Albums of 2012 #1

This is gonna be the first installment of some sort of list of my favorite albums this year. There are gonna be at least two more of these. Maybe I’ll do movies as well although Clemensz and Chucky are much, … Continue reading

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We’ll bang, OK?

Just a quick note: if you have ever been intereseted in playing the legendary Mass Effect series, today is your chance. Even if you aren’t intereseted this is an excellent offer, which you shouldn’t miss: EA/Origin (yeah, I know, the … Continue reading

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