Anime: You are dead?

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai - 09 - Large 07
This is the time when some shows are left behind. I fear this point, but it happens 90% of the time. I am too far behind on Robotics;Notes right now and I don’t see myself catching up anytime soon. On the other hand the chances are good with Sukitte Li Na Yo and Shinsekai Yori, simply because what I have seen of both shows has been greatly entertaining, so the next time I have to work late, I’ll catch up.

What about the rest? Here you go!


Music: Morita Doji


Chuunibyou demo Kai ga Shita! #9

Last week I proclaimed romance. This week I say: LOVE! Amazing how adorable Rikka can be. It was hilarious, heartwarming and simply entertaining to see her try to deal with this new reality, that she simply can’t explain by whipping out the third horizon. It is something so very real, she doesn’t know how to deal with it. And that ending, how her hands slowly move around Yuuta’s back. It made me smile a lot. Now the others just need respective partners. Shinka needs a dude, or she should just go with Dekomori and Ishikki needs to get together with Kumin. It will happen, I hope, in some way or another. This is past the half-way point, next week should have a flash-mob in store for us. It will be amazing!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - 09 - Large 24

Tonari No Kaibatsu-Kun #9

Things are in order again. And then a rival appears and thing go down the drain again. He isn’t really a rival, I think Shizuku doesn’t care for him that way, the only guy on her mind is Haku. But I don’t think Yamaken is one to give up so easy, he admits to loving Shizuku and he will most likely try at least once. I hope Haku is strong enough to not let it end in a fight. There still is another lady left, that doesn’t have a man, Chizuru should get on Yamaken ASAP! Then all would be great! Five more episodes to go I think. Keep it up!


K #9

Ohhhhhhhhh, ACTION! The reds are on the move and hearing those voice actors speak German was hilarious! I want more of that, the background on everything was nicely done and when the main, main villain was finally introduced it took me a while to catch on. It seems like there will be a showdown on the island. Wellthings might just end where they started. I wonder where our hero and his companions have gone to. They will appear eventually, there was definitely some illusion at work. I want more!


Psycho-Pass #8

Dayum, that was great! We now have a villain! There were hunting dogs, a hunter singing the Ode to Joy and some more art works. And a really interesting look into a prison. The main man reminds me of Spike Spiegel quite a bit. The hair and the way he dresses are similar, I wonder what he would look like if his suit was blue and not black. Anyways, good show is good. Watch it!

Zetsuen no Tempest - 06 - Large 44

Zetsuen No-Tempest #6

Come on Tsuki, I need more episodes! There was a revelation about a skeleton and weirdness ensures. There is also a conspiracy going on and reason is gonna be shaking pretty bad. Maybe our heroes are even supporting the wrong power. The question arises what kind of person Aika really was. Relationship with her brother? Oh my, oh my, I know he isn’t related by blood, but still. This show does and excellent job of keeping things in the dark, there are definitely always more things to discover! I wanna watch the rest, come on guys, work faster! 🙂

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with more soonish! What do you think of the shows you are watching? What are you watching? Tell us in the comments!

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