Music Monday: Devil Named Jones

the devil is stoned and his name is Jones

Devil Named Jones is not exactly a Berlin original. Yes the band formed in Berlin. But the members come from all over. The guitarist is from Australia, the drummer from France and the singer comes out Sweden. Only the bass player is from Germany, I don’t even think he is from Berlin originally either. Right now my laptop sounds like it is gonna fly away soon, the cd-drive is working hard as I import their latest EP into my library. That cd drive is unbelievable loud.

Now I hear the beginning of “midnight creeper” and the good stuff starts right away. I like this band a lot. I have seen go through quite the change. Their first album, which was self titled was a lot different than this recent one. Not bad by any means, I dig it a lot, just different. Groovy in a different way and quite the different style of music. A lot more funk than blues. I wish they would still play some of those songs, but no chance for me to hear “Science Fiction” or “Sold Out” anymore. I’ll remember them though. And once in a while I’ll return to them and think back to a cold evening in the year 2009 when DNJ rocked the Maria and no one wanted to buy their cd’s. I hope they are sorry now, because they really did miss out.

So get on the wagon before they change their style again and this EP disappears as well. You wont get more bass heavy blues music anywhere, I promise! Get it on bandcamp!

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