AHHHH Comics! 12/05/12


I apologize. I have a lot on my mind right now and a busy week was a busy week. As I was freezing on my ride home I thought, well you have somewhat of an excuse. You just edited the heck out of two interviews and even though you don’t like the result as much other people seem to dig it. So plus point #1. Plus point #2 is basically that I didn’t make it to the comic store today. Which means I can still post about the comics I might get this week a day before I actually get them. Which is what I did for most of the recent comics posts. I also got done watching Paranorman a few minutes ago and that movie was amazing and is motivating me right now! So COMICS! And MUSIC!

I am gonna go ahead and tell you that the luther image is pretty graphic.


The Legend of Luther (fucking) Strode #1

Yes, this is gonna be a gory fest of amazing gut punching, ripping and throwing comics. I am SO excited for this. It might be the wrong way to advertise this but the first serious had me millimeters away from crying. Even though there is more red (blood) in this than anything else, Justin Jordan almost made me cry. This is gonna be so freaking good. SO FREAKING AWESOME! (comic of the week)

Deadpool #3

This is a wild guess, but chucky might have picked this one up. Just a guess. Nothing specific. Maybe my hunches are right though…


X-Men #39

Domino and Daredevil are doing a solid job of entertaining me. It is a bummer that Wood is already off the book but it is still enjoyable. I wish those books kept their teams for more than six issues at a time, or three if you wanna take Hawkeye as an example…

I got lost in those eyes...

I got lost in those eyes…

Stumptown V2 #4

This is gonna be good. Enough said.

And a random recommendation, if you have some cash lying around or are looking for a highly depressing christmas gift for someone, Barefoot Gen has you covered. This is an amazing piece of historical cartoon work. Seriously.

It might look cheerful, but boy it is not.

It might look cheerful, but boy it is not.

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