Movie Week: First Movie – Paranorman


Oh busy life, you are a mean motherfucker. The original plan was to watch one movie every day of the week. With one day for buffer, so I’d end up watching 6 movies in seven days. Now it is Friday and I have watched two movies. Blegh, at least I tried! So what happened? Monday? Miss Li happened and gave an amazing concert! Tuesday work happened, well mainly I went out for a drink with people from work after successfully producing two episodes of a TV talkshow. It was great! Wednesday I finally got to watch a movie and it was Paranorman! It was glorious!

What is Paranorman?

It is a stop-motion movie made by Laika. It is about a kid (Norman) who sees and talks to ghosts and has to save everyone from an evil witch!

What do I think about it?

It is a great movie both for adults and for kids. For kids it could just be a great story about friendship and zombies and ghosts. For adults it is a story about bullying, about trusting people and about how some people are just different than others. You see, this movie has all the stereotypes in it. The sister is a ignorant cheerleader. The father is a well rounded man who believes in simple but outdated values and the mom is caring, but isn’t able to get through because she is too quiet. Then there is the fat awesome kid and the mean bully. Oh and there is the jock. The jock is amazing. He is a really solid dude, for once.
Because this is a kids movie it feels taped together in some places. I am not saying it could have been better, but obvious things are obvious.


I don’t wanna talk for too long. I am sleepy and I am dumb right now. What is left to say is that this movie really touched me. It made me think a bit about bullying and it entertained me greatly. It made me laugh out loud and sigh out of sadness. It is a really good movie. The DVD is out in the US so go and get on that, the movie didn’t do so well in theaters and it better do well in retail or there wont be much more of those stop-motion movies. It is out in Germany in Jauary, and I know what to do when it hits the stores!


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