MM: The Divine Comedy

I have now completed looking at the butts in my rss feed. They have nothing to do with the band that is in the middle of todays Music Monday. There isn’t any way of relation I think. I just felt like saying that. See I am listening to Slingshot Dakota’s Dark Hearts right now. But I am not even gonna talk about those two any more than saying that I definitely do not regret picking up their album. You see there are bands that define you. Or musicians to be more precise. Some guys who really make you as a person. Maybe they are like a secret you keep and something most people don’t know. Obviously the Beatles changed a lot of peoples lives. But there are also small efforts that really have an impact. One of the bands that made me is “The Divine Comedy”. It isn’t much of a band anymore, it is one dude now. His name is Neil Hannon and he is as tall as a hobbit.

Once upon a time there was a movie called “Shooting Fish” – it is a great movie if you are looking for one – and in the soundtrack of that movie was a song called “In Pursuit of Happiness”. That song was by “The Divine Comedy” and caused my father to become a fan. Thus this movie is the cause of me loving that music. Because that Neil Hannon writes some beautiful, thought provoking and sometimes outright funny music.

Yes, his music has changed quite a bit over the last few years. My father says he doesn’t like it as much anymore. Maybe that is because “Absent Friends” was just too great to ever have something quite as good again. That could very well be the case. Or it is just the fact that Mr. Hannon doesn’t work with whole orchestras as much in the latest album. Even if the last album wasn’t as amazing. I can promise you that I will buy everything the man releases, if I can get my hands on it and I will always go see him when he is in town. He is amazing and I am really happy my father went to see Shooting Fish two decades ago. Now I’ll look at some more buts and listen to “Charmed Life”…

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