AHHHH COMICS! 12/12/12


This is gonna be a good week. I feel it. I feel motivated. I got more done than usual. Tomorrow I shall continue my TextFugu studies, after reading these fine comics!


Conan, the Barbarian #11
Death has come. Or some plague or something even worse, things are happening that no one has an explanation for and I am thrilled to find out what it is. I like how the relationship between Belit and Conan has progressed and evolved, it is really interesting and entertaining to watch them figure out how they work together. The issue 11 will be good I think. I am positive.


Massive #7
This one could be very good. The artist has changed and the story is progressing into a often used trope, which still has a lot of potential for entertainment. I am talking about the “we build an utopia and all is well, but at night the demons come out” scenario. It is gonna show some things about some characters and I am looking forward to it.

change 2

Change #1
I haven’t read “Wild Children” by Ales Kot. Maybe I should, but Change just looks too good to just pass it up. It is some trippy stuff and definitely quite intelligent story wise. Kot seems to be quite the newcomer and if this one is good there should be much more by him down the line. For the third time today I am excited for a comic.

This is a good week. And I am positive that I will enjoy all of those issues.

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