Anime: What is wrong with being a child sometimes?


It has been a while. Busy times and lazyness combined with coming to the realization that I have unconsciously dropped some shows I present you with some more stuff about anime shows that I watched.

Music this week: American Football

I watched some Chuu-2 some Tonari and some Zetsuen!

Dead inside...

Dead inside…

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai #10 & #11

Episode 11 threatened to kick my heart so fucking hard. I chocked up a bit there. And then led up to it marvelously. There were things being said that didn’t need to be heard. Just seeing the consequences shows what actually happened and now a young girl, who was seen as delusional is regarded normal because she became seemingly lifeless. It is really hard to watch Rikka in a state of being “grown up”, where everything that would go against that is called “irresponsible”. And I feel just as bad for Yuuta who knows what he has done, but who can’t get himself to let her be however she wants or needs to be. It sucks seeing someone who can’t be who she wants to be because how other people (her mom) respond to her actions. I feel like that shouldn’t be the way to go. And I sincerely hope it wont be. Next thursday will have the final episode of Chuunibyou and I will sorely miss that series and all its little quirks.



Tonari no Kaibatsu-Kun #10 & #11

Sometimes I feel like this show drags on a bit. It takes its sweet time revealing why characters actually act the way they do. We see a little bit of Haru’s story in episode 11 but it definitely isn’t enough to pinpoint any specific circumstances. It might be the moving or the fact that his brother started to resent him very early. It doesn’t explain the way he acts towards Shizuku. He does remind be quite a bit of Yuno from Mirai Nikki. I do think that ripping out arms or throwing people off of stairs goes a bit to far. Anyhow, episode 11 had a lot of serious stuff in it, be it Sasayans watchful eyes detecting Natsume’s crush or how Yamaken tries to deal with himself and the girl he likes. This show doesn’t look like it will be done any time soon and I appreciate that!

Wins award for biggest tease!

Wins award for biggest tease!

Zetsuen No Tempest #7

My oh my, it says a lot about this show that I am still watching it even though the subbing group is notoriously late releasing episodes. I can’t pin-point it exactly, but this show is really, really good. I like its looks and I like its characters. There is enough mystery to entertain and it just keeps on delivering more and more every episode. Good thing Tsuki delivers in batches by now. I’ll get on those soon!

What I have dropped:
Sukitte Li Na Yo – I don’t know. I enjoyed what I saw, but I just fell out of it, I guess it happens.
Robotics;Notes – Same here, I just saw even less of it and then suddenly they were at episode 5 and I had lost it completely. I don’t seem to have any luck with the ; shows!
Uchuu Kyoudai – It just didn’t happen. I even stopped getting the episodes. I still appreciate what the show did a lot though, it entertained me greatly! I wont forget it!

I still really wanna watch Shinsekai Yori, but the yaoi has me scared for some nonsensical reason. I might just get on that next week when I work late a couple of times. I am still watching K as well. Will do a double post next time!

Ps: I think real adulthood is reached when an adult realizes that is okay to be like a child sometimes. That it is okay to have tons of fun doing stupid things. There is nothing wrong with it. Children are awesome and that time wont ever come back. So enjoy it and don’t take it away form anyone!

This is so much better than the depressed one. How can you tell someone not to be this way?

This is so much better than the depressed one. How can you tell someone not to be this way?

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