My favorite Albums of 2012 #1

best of pic

This is gonna be the first installment of some sort of list of my favorite albums this year. There are gonna be at least two more of these. Maybe I’ll do movies as well although Clemensz and Chucky are much, much better at movies than I will ever be. Not saying I’d be good at music in any way. There is no particular order to this as I SUCK at doing that. And I wouldn’t really have reasons.  Anyhow, you want some really amazing music to see and to listen to? HIT THAT JUMP!

Hop Along – Get Disowned
3986785887-1I don’t know where this came from. I have it from some blog probably, which makes me feel kind of shitty right now as this album has entertained me so greatly since it released back in August. That first song drew me in immediately. The singing and the music are both superb, even though some people might be appalled by some of the screaming. I like it and got stomped when playing it in a car full of people with quite different tastes. In the end this will stay with me for quite a while, as I will always go back to it and take another ride with Tibetan pop stars. Best line comes from the song Diamond Mine: “There are some parents whose children long for a divorce”

Everyone Everywhere – Everyone Everywhere 2012
2175222337-1I love this album. It is nice mellow music. Those guys are just so very laid back and dry, I can’t help but enjoy this album so much. It is great in every aspect, be it the music itself or the singing. Got memories add to the experience, be it the gig at Marie Antoinette quite a while ago or the walking though the city while listening. This is music to just sink into, when the horns start you can relax and lay back and nothing will stop you from enjoying the music. This album be good, yo!

Auxcide – of Atoms and Stardust
972761693-1Once upon a time I bought a book called “Ready Player One” and then this little album was released. It was recommended to me by the dude behind Chiptunes=Win, not directly, but through his Friday Freakout posts. So I checked out the album and was blown away. This little thing will make butts of all shapes and musical interests shake. I am sure of it. I spend the next week reading “Ready Player One” and listening to Auxcides supreme effort. Believe me when I say it is the perfect soundtrack! Everything fit together so well.
Well there you go, DANCE!

Mr. Foetus – Sky Burning
2653611915-1This one delivers all the goods: Chiptunes, catchy melodies and danceable grooves and some atmosphere. You can either bob your head to this or just space out. This is the first official and complete and buyable release by Mr. Foetus and I dare say he hit it out of the park so hard it came around and smashed a window on the other side of the stadium. If you like chippy tunes, do yourself a favor and get in on this. It is almost pay what you want and you should/could support a great artist.

Prawn – Ships
prawn1They announced this quite a while before it actually came out. I do remember how it was supposed to hit on July 17th or something like that. For some reason it didn’t. But now it has been here for some time and damn it is good. It is so very, very entertaining and awesome and sing-along worthy and groovy and awesome. It is their best effort to date, although all three releases are very different in style and are all worth more than most other music. I love this ep. It is also my go-to music at work at the moment.

I’ll be back tomorrow or something with more!

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