Favorite Albums of 2012 #2

best of 2
Here is the second installment. I gave myself the time of my favorite song of those albums to write about the respective album. It worked somehow. I think I am gonna do a third one tomorrow or something like that.

Here be the second part of my favorite albums of 2012.

BloodnStuff – BloodnStuff

I really like this album, because it rocks, it is somewhat easy to sing along to and it is musically awesome. Two guys, guitar and drums, offer a very energetic mixture of different styles of rock music. Sometimes it gets pretty heavy and sometimes even mathy. That’s what I feel like at least. For a first album this is simply astonishing! This music will get you pumped.

Makes me wish I had longer hair.

FLiP – XX Emotion

FliP are the only japanese band in the list. Mostly because there wasn’t anything else in that department that I listened to as much as this one. I’ll sing along, even if my gibberish would make every Japanese person’s head explode. I guess it is a plus point that they mix English and Japanese in their songs.
Aside from the lyrics, which I don’t understand at all, the music simply rocks. It feels very bass driven and groovy. It is powerful and makes a rainy day much brighter. It makes me forget the fact that I don’t have a clue what they are singing about most of the time. Because who really cares what they sing about when you can dance to the music?
XX Emotion is amazing!

Lumber Lung – 2012

This could be called a random encounter. It was advertised as being accessible screamo music. I liked that and now here we are. This is some really powerful and emotional stuff. Falls in the category of music that has you singing along with the chorus by the second time you hear the songs. The album is over pretty fast and there aren’t as many memorable songs as I wish there would be, but what is there is so god damn good.
I want more!

Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol

I think Paradise Lost was the first live concert I ever left with a feeling of disappointment. They just don’t deliver the same power on stage that their records seem to have. It is strange. Tragic Idol is their second record where they completely returned to their old and first form of music. The Depeche Mode times in the middle seem to be forgotten and back are the amazing riffs and the powerfull vocals. I hope they stay in that area and start practicing their live shows. They should start with that in that nice town called Berlin. I hear they have good venues…
Tragic Idol is a solid, if not amazing, metal album.

Makes me wish I had even longer hair.

Spirit Night – one Man Houses

Good, lo-fi, self produced rock music. There is already a Music Monday on this I think. Spirit Night put out an amazing little album with this one. Makes you dance and sing along, be it through references to Kerouac or simply the very good music that is being played. For the price of pay-what-you-want, this is gonna blow your head away.

Makes me wish I lived in the US and had a van that would take me to all those amazing concerts I am missing out on.

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2 Responses to Favorite Albums of 2012 #2

  1. clemensz says:

    Jeeez how many favorite albums of the year can one person have O_o 😛

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