Anime: It’s a Wrap! #1



Chunibyouu was a great and very entertaining show. It taught me something actually, it taught me that nothing is wrong with being a little weird. Even if I was a bit more weird than that, it shouldn’t bother me or anyone else. I mean, fuck, if they don’t like me why are they here anyways?

What I am trying to say is that this show has done a great deed in entertaining and educating me greatly. The education part is about 10% of the deal, but it is still there, which is an accomplishment on its own. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I have come to the conclusion, and that only goes for some people, that if you wanna be truly an adult, you gotta be a kid sometimes. And you have to accept other people for what they are without trying to put them into white shoes, just like the ones everyone else is carrying around as well. You gotta let them be, it might be difficult, but it happens. God damn this sounds like some really pretentious bullshit right here. But I truly think so.

If that doesn’t win you over then let me tell you that this show is as adorable as every puppy on the internet. Every corgi and every freaking cute dog, all together they might just be as adorable as this show is. Yes, that comparison doesn’t hold up, but there is truth in it. Go check that show out, just the first 12 episodes. Really, no harm done!

chu2koi gif

I admit I love those #1 things and then I love not to do a follow-up. I do this hoping it forces me to continue that train of thought ^^ New anime season incoming. I’ll be watching less = writing more about said shows. Now let me go to bed.

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