Comics: You know nothing – Best of 2012

There are some comics that came out this year that blew me away. And yes, they are all books (trades or hard cover) and no single issues. Taking the best single issues would be too much work at 2am on a Sunday.

Game of Thrones has a character called Ygritte. She always says “You know nothing, Jon Snow!” and she is right. It sucks. Whenever I look at a comic like this I say to myself, “You know nothing Lele!” and I wanna bite myself in the ass to be better at what I try to do. This goes for all of these comics. Comics ruled this year, they had the kings chair in their hands and couldn’t be bothered by the cold metal and the swords that the throne is made of.

Here is the shortlist:

Sharknife Double Z
The Legend of Luther Strode
American Barbarian
Multiple Warheads

And a more in depth, as much as I can provide as of right now, look at them after the jump!


Let’s start with a bang. Sharknife Double Z is the definition of an explosion. Fortune Cookies, eternal rivalries and pure comix power fused together, that is Sharknife. It has been in the first volume and this one is twice the size and twice the power. Corey Lewis is a badass. I know that just from reading those comics. They are bursting with fun. It is a great experience to read something and to know that the creator had a blast doing this. I got those two volumes on a whim. I haven’t looked back since. They should use those comics to teach how much fun can be had in making and reading comics!


You ever wanted to know the true history of America? American Barbarian will teach you all you need to know. You will learn about the coming of “Two-Tank Omen”, about the bravery of a family of barbarians with amazing hair, a fair maiden who is a badass in her own right and about revenge. Tom Scioli has created a tribute to the olden days of Kirby and Ditko. In doing so he has build a beautiful, crazy and badass world. You are not ready to face “Two-Tank Omen”. He might just rip you apart. Better grab that Star Sword before heading into battle. Also, Dinosaurs!


There will be guts and no glory. There will be Kain and death and Luther. And maybe in the end there will only be Luther. The Strage Talent of Luther Strode blew me away. It is astonishing how a comic filled to the brim with gore can be so touching and heartfelt.
There is a lot of blood. Like really a lot. Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore and Felipe Sombrero have created something that is not so easy to understand. It has a lot of layers to be peeled back and things are never as clear as one might them to be. But they entertain in a way that no other comic did this year. I will not forget Strode. The posters on the walls of Luthers home are worth the prize of admission alone.

Okay, those three are self contained books in a way. You can read them without any background knowledge. In the case of Sharknife and Luther Strode there is still more to come. Sharknife has a first volume as well, which you should totally check out and Luther Strodes sequel started coming out a few weeks ago. The Legend of Luther Strode is gonna be even better than its predecessor.

Now for some ongoing series that may or may not have gotten trades this year, see I can’t stop myself even though I didn’t wanna do this in the beginning.


I am taking One Piece out of the equation. If you are not reading that you’ll have your own reasons and I don’t think there is much I can do other than tell you that it is luffing amazing and that you should read it!


Ever wanted to read a book about Conan in space? If the answer is yes then the second question would be this: Is it okay if that Conan isn’t actually Conan but a guy named John Prophet? Well look no further, Prophet will satisfy every inch of your body. It is weird, I know. It might not be as clear as you might like your stories to be, but it is pure science fiction. And as we all know:
“pure” + “science-fiction” = “best things in life”
So pull that crown from the mothers head and prepare for a ride through the stars.
Prophet is part of a revival of a old comic series done by Rob Liefield. Think of that dude what you want to. What counts though is that without him we wouldn’t have Prophet. We wouldn’t have a comic written by Brandon Graham and drawn by the likes of Giannis Millogiannis, Simon Roy or Farel Darymple. And I’d be a sad panda.

Quick interception: If you are in for beautiful art, check out “Glory” and “Mud Man” both have real personality and are beautiful! There are also trades out for both!


I got two more for you right now. First is Saga. Saga is just really, really good. It is so well done. It is engaging and just very honest and did I mention amazing? The art, the faces, the hand lettered thoughts of Hazel the story, everything fits like my fist on your eye if you aren’t reading this series. Brian K. Vaughan knows what he is doing and I wish I had heard of Fiona Staples before Saga started. I hope that this story will go on and stay this great forever and ever, because those two have created a set of characters that I loved after the first issue was over and I don’t want to lose them.


The last one for tonight shall be Multiple Warheads. It is the comic that originally sparked that thought of me knowing nothing about comics. Multiple Warheads is fucking gorgeous in every aspect. It is funny, it is detailed in all the right ways, it is sexy and naughty. It is the comic that grabbed me by the balls just now and told me that I know nothing and that I better start learning. And so should you. Let’s wrap this bad boy up:

Comics you should definitely check out from 2012:

Sharknife Double Z
The Legend of Luther Strode
American Barbarian
Multiple Warheads

Comics you might wanna take a look at:

Godzilla: The Half-Century War
Danger Club
And a bunch more!

Put those new 52 books away, none of them are as good as this stuff. Which might be a slight lie because I haven’t and probably wont read Batman. I still stand by it.

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