Anime – It’s a Wrap – K



So I just watched the last two episodes of K back to back. I am happy I did. K was a greatly entertaining show. It wasn’t perfect by any means, the plot was a bit messed up and I think there are a bit too many questions left unanswered. It got me teary eyed anyways. That was a very powerful ending there and I greatly appreciate the time I spend watching the show.

K - 13 - Large 20

I don’t like full descriptions of plot or rather I don’t wanna write something that other people can do much better. Maybe I’ll start one day, things evolve after all. Let me say though, that this show really grew on me in those last few episodes. It showed that those guys did have a plan when making the show. And it turns out that it was a good one. Now give me that second season and I’ll be off your back!

You should watch K if you like gorgeous visuals, a great soundtrack and a bit of mystery. There is a lot to be found in this series and probably a lot that I missed. So go out, f ind it, buy it and watch it. You wont regret the time spend I assure you that much!

It was a great adventure.

K - 13 - Large 41No Blood, No Ash, No Bone!


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