AHHH COMICS! Week of 01/09/13

This is gonna be a good small week. I a psyched!

Star Wars #1
It is written by Brian Wood so shut it. I have some hopes for this and am checking it out more out of obligation to the name of the writer than because I am interested in it. I haven’t had anything to do with Star Wars in a while. This could/should be good though. I’ll see.

Change #2
The first issue was pretty awesome. Not at all what I expected and the previews promise something even crazier. I am excited for this, both because of the art and the writing. They are very special indeed. Can’t wait!

Legend of Luther Strode #2
This should be amazing. Nothing else is acceptable and every other opinion will be crushed immediately! I AM SO EXCITED!

Bravest Warriors #4
I like the cartoon, but these comics, something is missing from them and I can’t put my finger on it. The art is great and so on but I just feel like the heart in it is missing. It is crazy to a point where it doesn’t scratch that itch anymore. I find myself really not caring for it. The Adventure Time comics did the same to me. Ah well, maybe this one will be even better!

So, what are you buying this week?

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