MM: Anamanaguchi

There are, in a very general sense, two kinds of chip music. One is made for the atmosphere and the feelings; I am looking at Disasterpeace and his FEZ soundtrack here. Or at Smiletrons jazz influences music, I’d even put Infinity Shred in there, to a certain extend. The other, much bigger part, is the dance and adrenalin fueled kind. The Auxcides, the LukHashes and the Chipzels make that part as energetic and fun as even possible. On the very tippy top of that energetic pixel shaped chip mountain is Anamanaguchi. These four skating, badasses hail from New York and bring you chip infused rock sounds since somewhere around 2006. They combine a traditional rock ensemble with a pre-programmed and hacked NES. The NES does his thing and the guys play on it. What comes out in the end is as energetic as bleepy rock music can be. Their music is epic and fun. Two words that go well together, epic when Mermaid is on and fun when their newest release, which is called Meow, hits the ears paw first and causes your head and butt to shake in unison.

Meow is on top and here is, hands down, my favorite Anamanaguchi song to date:

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