AHHHHH: Comics of 01/16


Oh comics, what would I do without thee? I would be working most likely. This way I can pretend that I am doing something important and instead think about the nice and fine books I might be holding in my hands come tomorrow afternoon. I am pretty good at procrastinating you see. It isn’t helpful, but if it means I do something instead of nothing I am fine with it. Damn that sounds like I work in a bad place. I don’t, I like it here, but let’s not get into that. Let’s dive into comics instead!

The Black Beetle #1

That #0 looked pretty good. They also had the Germans speak German and not English which was a nice touch. This seems to be one of those carry-overs from Dark Horse Presents and the first issue might just be the first new, new material. It looks like classic noir stuff to me. Looks like a standard adventure type deal with nothing too special in it, except for the art maybe. I’ll take a look.

Conan the Barbarian #12

The recent story line has been pretty good. I like how the relationship between Conan and Belith isn’t just healed after the stuff in the north. There is still some conflict. I wonder how this story will be resolved!

Little Depressed Boy #15

The dude is happy for once. With a generally awesome lady friend that isn’t a butt and a job. I guess the job thing might just come to an end soon, because the manager started to snoop around in the last issue. I wonder for how much longer they are going to keep that going.

Saga #9

Number eight introduced one of the most badass looking and sexy characters that I have seen to date: Gwendolyn. God damn, she is gonna kick some ass! And something about a return of a spider like creature with a love relationship was teased. I can’t wait.

Daredevil #22

I am guessing that Mr. Murdock will face the Spider-Ock now. I can’t will myself to really care anymore. But maybe that wheel is gonna turn someday. I am not saying that DD is a bad comic, it just doesn’t grab me anymore. I feel like the best scene was still the kiss in the first issue and the romantic bantering between the Assistant DA and Murdock. But all that is long gone. Maybe the happy times will return?

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